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May Local RI Artists

We are so thankful to be able to support our local Rhode Island artists by offering them a showcase in 2 of our offices, Narragansett and Jamestown. For May, we have Jillian Lauren showcasing in our Narragansett Office and Out of the Box Gallery showcasing in our Jamestown office.

About the Artist- Jillian Lauren

Jillian Lauren of  Jillian is a Rhode Island based 2D artist with a focus on portraits. Standing firmly in the tradition of pop artists before her, her Warhol-esque portraits of pop culture icons glitter as brilliantly as her subjects. Each portrait is produced with glitter and holographic paint to create dazzling 3D effects, and to manifest a unique experience based on the position of the viewer. She is a self taught artist, acquiring acclaim from a young age when she was first picked at age eight for Hasbro’s national Lite Brite Illuminartist competition; finishing in a close second. From that age she never stopped drawing, picking up accolades throughout her career and coming into her own. Her pieces are like small stories she weaves in her mind. In doing this she creates storylines and empathizes with her subjects to better immerse her spirit within them.⁠


About the Artist – Out of the Box Studio & Gallery

Out of the Box Studio & Gallery is the inspirational home to over 30 collaborating artists. The space is run and operated by Looking Upwards, a non profit agency that supports people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. The space was created to give artists with disabilities the resources and freedom to create without limitation or restriction. It provides a safe place to express and explore individuality, creativity, and personal growth. ⁠
📷 Shown in picture is Artist Bob Stengel, along with the Creative Arts Director Casey Weibust.⁠



If you are a local artist or know of a local artist that would like to be showcased in our offices, please send an email to