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April Local RI Artists

We are so thankful to be able to support our local Rhode Island artists by offering them a showcase in 2 of our offices, Narragansett and Jamestown. For April, we have Michael Pekala showcasing in our Narragansett Office and Jason Hamel showcasing in our Jamestown office.

About the Artist- Michael Pekala

Michael Pekala of @michaelpekalaart. Michael lives in West Warwick, RI with his wife and two young children. Full-time graphic designer and current RISD CE instructor, Michael always makes time to paint and illustrate – something that he absolutely loves. Born and raised in West Chester, PA he attended school at both Boston University and RISD and has been living in Rhode Island for close to 20 years. Michael finds inspiration in nature, animals, and lighthouses, working in a variety of media from pen and ink to most recently acrylic paint on upholstery fabric. A sense of whimsy can be found as a uniting thread across his wide breadth of work.of nature that surrounds us, right down to its tiniest treasures.⁠


About the Artist – Jason Hamel

Jason Hamel of @jasonhamel401. Jason is a quadriplegic mouth painter. He has been artistic for as long as he can remember, and when he broke his neck in a BMX accident in 1990 that left him paralyzed from the neck down, it took him a long time to find his way to continue expressing himself through art. Realizing he can create something original, even though he doesn’t have the use of his hands, has been life changing. When he draws or paints, he holds a pencil or brush in his mouth, and it allows him to be the creative artist he’s always been.⁠



If you are a local artist or know of a local artist that would like to be showcased in our offices, please send an email to